Microchip Microcontrollers

Integrated Computer Chip

Microchip Microcontrollers - Integrated Computer Chip

What types of Processors and Microcontrollers exist

• Digital Signal Processors
• Microcontrollers
• Microprocessors
• Multimedia Companion Chips
• Peripheral Controller Chips
• System-On-Chips

1The digital signal microprocessor is a special device that is able to take signals from the real world that have gone through digitization and change them using mathematical formulas. Some of the real world signals one might manipulate include pressure, video, audio, and temperature. Microcontrollers are tiny computers on a circuit. They contain memory, a processing core, and peripherals that you will be able to program for input and output. Microprocessors are similar, and they are currently in many devices that nearly everyone owns including phones and vehicles. The multimedia companion chips, system-on-chips, and peripheral controller chips are all different variations and options that you can find on the market today.

Because of the number of different types of microcontrollers that are out there, and the sheer number of different uses they have, it is a good idea to consider looking at all of your options. You could also talk with an expert if you have any confusion over which method as well as which device is actually going to be the best solution for your needs.